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Welcome to the wonderful world of collecting Marcrest.

The History of Marcrest As I Know It.

Marcrest is actually a name brand not the name of the manufacturer. It is a Product line created by a retail chain called Marshall-Burns, a division of Technicolor, operated out of Chicago. Western Stoneware was one of the companies that produced the line along with Hull and various other smaller pottery companies. Marshall-Burns wanted to give off the image that the pottery lines were all from one company and required that all the potteries use the same marking system. Hence the Marcrest family was born.

Western Stoneware Company located in Monmuth Illinois manufactured the Brown Daisy and Dot pattern. Hull did produce some pieces under the same mark but only the pastel colors in the shades of pink, green, blue, white and yellow. Some of the lines the smaller companies made were not marked on the pottery but on the boxes they came in.

The brown line is called Warm Colorado Brown and the pattern is commonly known as Daisy & Dot. It is usually marked with a Ribbon Crest saying Marcrest Ovenproof stoneware USA, A Plain USA or sometimes they were not marked


Some of the designs made by smaller companies and only marked Marcrest on the box were the Swiss Chalett , Gay 90's, and Pinecone Blue spruce lines.


The bottoms are usually marked with:


Unfortunately, I do not know much more, if you know something I left out please contact me so that I can add it. And if I am misrepresenting any facts please let me know. This was all pieced together from bits and peices I have gathered these last months on EBAY and from a few pottery books.