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Tess's Manor
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Thanks for stopping in here at my website hopefully you will learn all about me: my interests and hobbies, some of what makes me tick.  


The primary reason I have created this website is to have a centralize location to all my websites on my hobbies. Hopefully you will find something on these pages that will spark your imagination, answer a question or just make you go hmmmmm. Please click on a link below to begin your journey of exploration.


About Me

Marcrest Pottery

Cross Stitch 

 Favorite Links

I am also doing this for the fun of it. I always wanted a spot just for me..
well why not....:)


What's New?

08-21-02 - Updated and added pages to the Decos section
08-03-02 - Added Cross Stitch page
05-15-02 - Revised the About Me page
04-27-02 - Added Marcrest pages along with picture index.
04-26-02 - Created Homepage and About Me pages.